We believe in accountability and transparency. To assist in ensuring tradespeople who service your building are equally accountable for the services they perform, a system called ‘Touch n tell’ has been implemented. This system allows all tradespeople to check in and check out when they arrive and complete a task at your property, using a simple smartphone application. It also ensures that all tradespeople commit to carrying out works in a safe and compliant manner. Reports on attendance can be provided to the committee, which can assist in approval of invoices for services performed at the property. The bar code or QR code is included in our management sign, which is displayed at all properties under our management.

Setting up a new Owners Corporation

With so much to think about to get your project off the ground from planning and building regulations, to councils, consultant fees, marketing, VCAT & beyond. Setting up of the Owners Corporation can often be an afterthought.

Developers that we work with can confidently leave everything to do with the common property and the Owners Corporation in our hands.

Early engagement of Excel can help you maximise the return on your investment with prospective budgets provided for marketing purposes and expert advice on how to set up the common property to create the most value and community engagement for future owners and residents.

Dispute resolution

We adopt a sensible and pragmatic approach to dispute resolution which focuses on communication and mediation. The best outcomes are achieved where two parties meet and talk to each other.

We have extensive experience representing Owners Corporations at VCAT when matters in dispute reach a stage where formal proceedings are required. We have a detailed understanding of the Owners Corporations Act and its application in reality. We will guide, support and assist Committees to a successful outcome.

We will also work with developers to implement Special Rules that help prevent future disputes from arising in the first place.