Useful Information for Owners

Owners often become a member of an Owners corporation without really knowing what being part of owners corporation means.  We receive many queries about some of the information listed here so have provided what we think might be helpful for you to understand your rights and responsibilities as an owner.

As an owner, you will be required to make financial contributions to the Owners Corporation, in particular for the repair, maintenance and management of the common property. Decisions as to the management of this common property will be the subject of collective decision making. Decisions as to these financial contributions, which may involve significant expenditure, will be decided by a vote.

The Owners Corporation rules may deal with matters such as car parking, noise, pets, the appearance or use of lots, behaviour of owners, occupiers or guests and grievance procedures. You should look at the Owners Corporation rules to consider any restrictions imposed by the rules.

We recommend that you take some time to read through the information provided here and if you have any further questions or require any advice please contact us on 03 9894 3077.


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