Financial Administration

In any owners corporation much of the day to day administration deals in financial income and expenditure. At Excel, part of the administration of the building includes the following:

– Establish and operate a bank account or trust account in the name of the Owners Corporation.
– Keep books of account covering all income/expenditure and assets/liabilities of the Owners Corporation.
– Prepare Annual Financial Statements of all income/expenditure and assets/liabilities for the Owners Corporation.
– Prepare an Annual Budget for members approval.
– Issue notices for set fees and special fees levied by the Owners Corporation.
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– Pay all invoices on behalf of the Owners Corporation.
– Reconciliation of bank account

Personalised Budgets

At Excel we have years of experience to help understand what it truly takes to run a healthy building. Our budgets are presented after careful consideration coupled with realistic goals for your future maintenance fund, whilst proactively re-negotiating and reviewing contracts in order to save you money and provide improved services to the building.

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